Science Communication

I have been heavily involved with a lot of outreach endeavours; communicating with the general public is a great passion of mine. From performing on a stage, to writing articles, presenting videos, radio appearances, and interaction on projects behind the scenes; I try to let my enthuiasm for science shine through for all of these things.

Below are a couple of links to some of the previous science communication activities I have been involved with.

Please get in touch using the button below if you are interested in collaborating on an outreach project, would like me to give a public talk (schools, museums, soceities etc.) or present visual media.


I competed in the UK National FameLab final 2014 and was crowned Audience Winner and Judges' Runner-Up with my piece about how we can all holiday in the Andromeda galaxy; if we are willing to wait 2 billion years...

Winchester Science Festival

I'll be speaking at this year's Winchester Science Festival on Saturday 23rd July about Galaxy Zoo: From the Lab to your Living Room.

Crowdsourcing the Sky

In March 2014, in conjunction with BBC Stargazing Live, I got the public to take images of Orion and send them in which I stacked together to make a seriously gorgeous image.,d.d2s

Bright Club

Stand-up comedy - by scientific researchers? What could possibly go wrong? As an Astrophysicist people often have no idea what you do, with hilarious consequences. Watch me make light of this and pull out my Ukulele for a quick Frozen parody.


I summarise a published journal paper each month at an undergraduate level with the blogging website astrobites. Check out all the past articles I've written here.

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