How do Galaxies and Black Holes Evolve Together?

I'm a research fellow at the University of Oxford working to try and answer this pretty big question. In order to do this I get the public to help out classifying galaxy shapes online with I'm currently using SDSS-IV: MaNGA survey data to figure out if AGN feedback is actually happening across the observable galaxy population.

I am also a very keen science communicator and do a lot of media work. I present physics interest videos for the YouTube channels Sixty Symbols and Deep Sky Videos with my usual level of enthusiasm for all things science. I was shortlisted for the Institute of Physics Early Career Physics Communicator Award and was named Audience Winner of the UK National Final of the FameLab 2014 Competition.


Find out more about my research into the co-evolution of galaxies and black holes. I am currently trying to determine if AGN feedback is occuring across the observable galaxy population.


I am a keen science communicator, and have been a guest on BBC News 24 and BBC Radio. I also do stage shows at festivals and science shows. Click here to see my show reel and find out more.


View my refereed papers on ADS.

Sixty Symbols

As part of my research fellowship I make science videos for the popular YouTube channel Sixty Symbols. Check it out here.


Check out the astrophysical software for data analysis or visualisation I've been writing, including Hack Day projects from .Astronomy, NAM and the AAS Hack Days.


Sometimes I write things. Sometimes they're useful. Sometimes they're not.

.Astronomy 8

I chaired the organising committee of the .Astronomy 8 ('dotastronomy') conference in Oxford June 2016. Click here to find out more.

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