W3CZooniverse GitHub Repositories Source Code Visualization

This codeflower visualizes the Zooniverse GitHub source repositories using an interactive tree. Each disc represents a file, with a radius proportional to the number of lines of code (loc). All rendering is done client-side, in JavaScript. Try hovering on nodes to see the loc number, clicking on directory nodes to fold them, dragging nodes to rearrange the layout, and changing project to see different tree structures. Built with d3.js. Inspired by Code Swarm and Gource.

Input your own data

Add your own JSON data below of a given repo and click the update button to see the effect of your changes on the CodeFlower.

Making your own CodeFlower

The best way to make your own CodeFlowers is to use GitHub Pages, just like this very page. So just fork the fzaninotto/CodeFlower repository, add your own JSON data under the data directory, update the options of the dropdown list in the index.html file accordingly, commit the code, and push to the gh-pages branch. GitHub will publish the result for you.